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Winter Symposium - January 26-28, 2018 at the North Conway Grand in North Conway, NH.


OMM Education Series

Attention MD’s, D.O’s, PA’s, PT’s and NP’s

Learn how to help your patients heal their pain and feel great without having to take another pill, while earning continuing medical education credits from the comfort of your own home without the big expenses of traveling to a live course! Whether you are a practitioner already in the movement and musculoskeletal field or a practitioner who is ready to expand your knowledge into this field, Dr. Murray provides the functional anatomy you need to know and then focuses on the demonstrations of exactly how to do each of the techniques presented.


22 CME Credits available from the comfort of your own home!

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UNECOM Speed Networking Event

NH Physicians please consider attending


The Office of Recruitment, Student & Alumni Services (RSAS), the UNECOM Alumni Association, and the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) will be partnering to bring you our fourth annual Speed Networking event.  The goal of this event is to give students the opportunity to meet with multiple practicing physicians in a single morning.  Last year, small groups of students met with physicians for about 10 minutes each.   This allowed students to make contact with a whole list of clinicians, gain some knowledge about particular medical specialties, lifestyles, and training opportunities, and add names to their list of contacts in the field.


In our first three years of hosting this event, Speed Networking has received very high praise all-around, from the students and physicians who attended!  Students have found it incredibly valuable to have the opportunity to meet with this many practicing doctors in one morning, while the physicians simply loved connecting with our current students.



Janet Picard


(207) 602-2036


Advocacy win: Your letters helped the profession! #SaveOMT

Thank you to NH Physicians who participated. 72 letters were sent by Nh Doctors and patients.

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Recent News

What Do You Know About EMS Protocols?

The State of New Hampshire Bureau of Emergency Medical Services is in charge of all pre-hospital care provided in our state.  One of the Boards for the Bureau of EMS is  the NH EMS Medical Control Board. This board is made up of emergency medical physicians, and is responsible for setting and maintaining the scope of practice and practice standards for all levels of EMS providers.


The document that I feel you would find interesting is the New Hampshire Patient Care Protocols. It explains the scope of practice and patient care protocols for Emergency Medical Responders (used to be First Responders), EMTs, Advanced EMTs, and Paramedics. The protocols also contain Extended Care Protocols for providing emergency care outside of the "Golden Hour." This is a legal document and sets the standards of care for our dedicated EMS providers.


These Protocols are available for all to see and copy if they wish. They can be directly accessed by going to New Hampshire Patient Care Protocols and that will take you to a PDF of them. These protocols are continuously reviewed and updated by our protocol committee. A new set of protocols is published every 2 years. Click Here to download the PDF of the protocols.


Please take a look at the protocols, I think you will find them interesting and do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.


- Frank Hubbell, DO, a member of the this board since 1992